Salem Herb Shop

HerbShopSalem 300x225 HERB SHOPOur Salem Herb Shop is a Nature’s Sunshine Independent Distributor and has over 600 Nature’s Sunshine products in stock.  We have about 90 single herbs in stock, everything from Alfalfa to Yucca.  Our 100 Herbal Formulas were formulated by famous herbalists and handed down over the years or were formulated by NSP’S research and development staff.  We have more herbal formulas than any other herb company.  We even have Ayurvedic Herbs and Chinese Herbs.  Packaged colon and parasite cleanses are some of our most popular products.

In addition to our herbs and herbal formulas we have a complete line of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients, homeopathtic medicines, enzymes, probiotics, and amino acids.

Certified Herbalists are available at all times in our Herb Shop to assist you in selecting the best herbal products to build and clean your body.

Can’t make it to our Salem Herb Shop?  You can contact us online or by phone for information and assistance in selecting the right products, then visit our online store .

Bio-survey Health Scan

Schedule your Zyto Compass bio-survey today.  Find out what products your body needs for radiant health.  Call or contact us via e-mail for your appointment.  Bio-surveys  are done in our shop and take only a few minutes.   How does the health scan work?